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  • Handmade Coconut shell Cu..

    Handmade Coconut shell Cu..

    ৳ 140.00

    Code: 25614

    Product Type: Cup with spoon

    Product Features:
    100% eco-friendliness and unique design make this Mug with spoon quite interesting to its buyers.
    • Product Type: Mug with Spoon
    • Main Materials: Natural Coconut Shell
    • Design: Round
    • Quality: High quality durable product
    • Finishing: Smooth finish, captivating look & finely polished
    • Usage: Serving hot coffee/tea at home, office, or restaurant
    • Size: 10×9 cm
    • Weight:0.2 (kg)
    • Color: As given in picture

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  • Serving Tray with Mugs &a..

    Serving Tray with Mugs &a..

    ৳ 1,195.00

    Code: 25701

    Product Type: Serving Tray with Mugs & Spoons Set

    100% handmade, eco-friendliness and unique design, this bamboo made tea serving tray is quite interesting. Show some uniqueness while serving tea or snacks to your guests with this unique piece, made by Eco Bangla’s artisan or can show your love and affection by gifting it to your loved one.
    Product Features:
    • Product Type: Tea Serving Tray with Cups & Spoons
    • Main Materials: Bamboo & Coconut Shell
    • Design: Handcrafted
    • Quality: High quality Solid, durable, decorative and elegant design
    • Finishing: Smooth finish, captivating look & natural polished
    • Usage: Serving hot tea/coffee at home, office& restaurant in artistic way
    • Weight:0.8 (Kg)
    • Color: As given in picture

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