About Us

Biggest Digital Marketplace for Made in Bangladesh Products

BeshiDeshi is an e-commerce platform selling authentic Bangladeshi products (Made In Bangladesh) to consumers living all over the country and abroad.

Our aim

Our aim is to provide maximum exposure to talented sellers from different parts of the country, who lack the technological know-how to market their products online.

Through this exposure, they can sell more products, gain more profit and get the necessary encouragement to continue producing local products. Many Bangladeshi producers have discontinued producing local products due to the influx of foreign substitutes which are marketed more aggressively. Many of our authentic products are now produced in very limited quantity. Subsequently our country is facing a significant decline in products that speak volumes about our local culture and heritage. We aim to harness the power of the internet and help the local businesses flourish on a greater scale, have access to more sophisticated marketing and gain greater sales opportunities.  

Zeeshan Khurshed Mazumder

Managing Director & CEO of BeshiDeshi
8 Years of Experience in Banking & Financial Institution
6 Years of Entrepreneurship Skill via establishing series of businesses in Hospitality and other sectors.

Our vision

Mr. Mazumder has travelled to a lot of places in Bangladesh and on these travels he got to interact with many people who are involved in making handicrafts, producing organic vegetables, and manufacturing jute and leather products to name a few. There was one thing common amongst all these small entrepreneurs – they did not have access to a wide enough customer base due to lack of marketing and a proper platform to sell from. Setting up a physical store is also expensive.
Mr. Mazumder have found few people, who managed to sell their products in the capital city of the country and even fewer managed to reach outside Bangladesh, through various intermediaries. However, these sellers do not get the proper recognition and the money that they deserve. As a result the motivation of producing local products is decreasing day by day. Instead they turn to alternative businesses to earn a living.
This propelled him to think about setting up this portal which can house products from a wide variety of suppliers of handicrafts, jute products, leather products, handloom products, and local organic foods.
Products will be available for both wholesale and retail purposes. This portal will help the producers to display their products locally and internationally with the prices set by them, with no interference from middlemen. Buyers from all over the world can see the wide range of products to buy from. This will ensure a constant demand and supply structure of the Bangladeshi products helping local businesses to flourish.