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  • Apple Cider Vinegar

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    ৳ 250.00
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    Completely chemical and preservative free, we bring to you pure apple cider vinegar. Have a little drink everyday to stay fit and healthy.
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  • Habiscus Powder

    Habiscus Powder

    ৳ 400.00
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    Benefits of Hibiscus Powder for Skin: It contains the most powerful anti-aging plant actives which firm and lift skin. It evens skin tone and reduces hyper pigmentation or age spots. Due to the slightly exfoliating effect of the organic acids found in the plant, hibiscus helps to speed up cell turnover, resulting in a more even looking skin tone. Improves complexion of the skin by breaking down dead skin cells. It is rich in antioxidants for the skin
    Benefits of Hibiscus Powder for Hair: Prevents premature graying of hair Thickens hair Reduce hair fall
    Other Benefits of Hibiscus Powder: Due to the cooling effects of hibiscus tea, fever can also be reduced. In other parts of the world such as Africa, the parts of the plant (such as flowers) was used in the treatment of liver disease, symptoms of cold and constipation. The pulp or juice made from these leaves can treat skin wounds. This is one of the most know hibiscus tea benefits around the world. This plant is becoming popular as an effective remedy for high blood pressure (or hypertension). Besides this, it reduces high cholesterol levels ( a major reason for most heart attacks). The bioflavonoid compounds in the hibiscus tea can assist in the prevention of cholesterol; thus, resulting in a healthy heart. The regulation of blood pressure is done naturally Hibiscus tea can be one of the best health drinks for women. Do you know why? Well, it contains all the essential antioxidants to fight against the aging signs and makes a woman look 5 times younger than her actual age. Besides this, it calms the hot flashes during menopause times.
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  • Moringa Powder

    Moringa Powder

    ৳ 450.00
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    Amazing health & Skin benefits and uses of moringa Powder.
    1. Acne treatment.
    2. It boosts energy, improves stamina and concentration .
    3. It can help control diabetes.
    4. It nourishes the hair.
    5. It has an amazingly high concentration of vitamins and minerals.
    6. It helps to control blood pressure and fight insomnia.
    7. It has anti-ageing properties.
    8. It removes toxins from your body.
    9. It contains essential amino acids.
    10. It can help heal wounds.
    11. Protects Against Sun Damage.
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  • Nutmeg (Jayfal) Powder

    Nutmeg (Jayfal) Powder

    ৳ 400.00
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    Nutmeg is a spice that is made from the seeds of the nutmeg tree (scientifically called Myristica fragrans). It is native to Indonesia, and it has a warm and spicy flavor. The most common ways nutmeg is used in the United States are in desserts (like apple pie), beverages (like mulled wine), and even as a garnish over certain coffee drinks. In fact, it goes quite well with creamy and cheesy dishes.Nutmeg and mace are used to make medicine. Nutmeg and mace are used for diarrhea, nausea, stomach spasms and pain, and intestinal gas. They are also used for treating cancer, kidney disease, and trouble sleeping (insomnia); increasing menstrual flow; causing a miscarriage; as a hallucinogen; and as a general tonic.
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