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  • Organic Virgin Coconut oi..

    Organic Virgin Coconut oi..

    Product Details- 250 gm
    Homemade with the best quality coconuts resourced from our hometown village. It is not sticky like store bought oil and has a subtle coconut perfume to it making it wonderful and lightweight to use.
    1. Silkier, smoother and straighter hair,
    2. Reduces hairfall and promotes hair growth,
    3. Useable on eyelashes and eyebrows,
    4. Anti-dandruff properties,
    5. Natural antibiotic works as a facial cleanser,
    6. Reduces acne,
    7. Hydrates dry skin,
    8. Intense moisturizing repair,
    9. Natural make-up remover,
    10. Works as a nail cuticle oil,
    11. Its edible too!
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