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  • Shanko (Sea Shell) Powder..

    Shanko (Sea Shell) Powder..

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    Ayurvedic Usage of Shankha (Conch / Sea Shell) Store some water in a conch overnight and next morning massage your skin with this water. This cures many skin diseases, rashes, allergies etc. It also cures ‘white spots‘ on skin if process repeated for a month. Store water overnight as above and in morning, add ‘rose water‘ to it. Wash your hair with this mixture. Natural color of hair will restored within few days. This can be used to wash eyebrows, moustache and beard too. Hair will become smooth. If you suffer from stomach pain, indigestion, laceration in the intestines, drink two spoons of this overnight shankha stored water. Take equal amount of overnight shankha stored water and normal water. Mix them and wash your eyes to increase eye sight. Take this water in your palm and dip your open eye into it. Move the eyeball from left to right rapidly for few seconds and remove it. This will cure dry eyes, pus in eyes and many eye related problems. Wrinkles on skin can be reduced by rubbing with a Conch on face and neck after bath. Glow of skin will increase naturally. Dark Circles under eyes can be cured by gently rubbing with Conch for 5 minutes per day before sleep. Shankha Bhasma : is an Ayurvedic medicine prepared from Conch shell and is used in treatment of gastritis, abdominal pain, malabsorption syndrome etc. It is a coolant and improves skin color and complexion. A compound pill called Shankavati is also prepared for use in dyspepsia. In this case, the procedure followed is to mix shankha bhasma with tamarind seed ash, five salts (panchlavana), asafoetida, ammonium chloride, pepper, carui, caraway, ginger, long pepper, purified mercury and aconite in specified proportions. It is then triturated in juices of lemon and made into a pill-mass. It is prescribed for vaata (wind/air) and pitta (bile) ailments, as well as for beauty and strength.
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