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  • Hogla/Seagrass Planter Co..

    Hogla/Seagrass Planter Co..


    5 piece set of seagrass (hogla) planter covers

    Size: (From smallest to largest)

    5.5 in. (Width) x 5 in. (Height)

    6 in. (Width) x 6 in. (Height)

    7.5 in. (Width) x 7 in. (Height)

    9 in. (Width) x 9 in. (Height)

    10 in. (Width) x 10 in. (Height)


    • Planter cover and floor mat made of locally produced hogla (sea-grass)

    • Ethically produced and safe for the environment (eco-friendly).

    • Perfect for all kinds of planter pots, flowerpots, balcony gardens, rooftop gardens etc.

    • Multipurpose use as storage baskets.

    • Rustic and Elegant addition to home decor

    • Lightweight, easily moveable, easy storage.

    Made in Bangladesh

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